In my time, I have been able to provide nice news where positive decisions were granted to asylum seekers. For many different reasons you may need to leave your Country, the place where you grew up, and now leave everything behind. Whatever the reason, you now want to live in a different place. This is where I can help by providing legal assistance to those seeking asylum here in the Netherlands, I already assist those from Syria, Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and the Dominican Republic through to China. For those that do not speak the Dutch or English language, in these cases I will arrange a translator that can speak your language and allow us to communicate between one another.


True love, or love of your family can be a reason for litigation. Over the years I have brought couples back together and helped families re-unite once again, this can be made possible when qualifying for an asylum permit. If your partner or family are still living abroad, of which you would like to see here living in the Netherlands. I can provide professional advise and help you achieve the permits you need, this includes Chaves and the Europe / Germany / Belgium route.
When you have been caught and placed into custody, in these matters I am not only the voice besides you, but also have the expertise to assist you.


Have you received a summons?
Do you have to go to Court?
Is the police at your door?
Are you in jail?
Are you a suspect of theft?
Did you hit someone in the bar?
Has your DNA been found at a scene of a crime?
Have you participated in armed robbery?
Did you cause an accident?
Do you have to testify in a criminal case?
Were you found in possession of false documents?

Here we can tackle the problem together and work out the best defense strategy.

For professional legal assistance for any of the above, Lawyer 4 U has the expertise built up over years to help with your case. Click on the button below to start making those first steps, when you prefer you can also use the contact details found on every page.