Mw. Mr. D.P.J. (Dymfie) Cain

Lawyer 4 U

After I took the Lawyer’s oath in 2008 I gained experience working in different lawyers offices, so now only recently in 2020 I have decided to put that experience to good use and start my own practice.

From before I was a Lawyer I wanted to do criminal law, I made this my main study in university and graduated as a criminal law Lawyer. So from the very beginning after my graduation I have been working criminal law cases, some of these cases have been large and some very small, to me they are all as equally important as well as they can be challenging.

Throughout my career I got the chance to work with refugees, which in a way gave me a boost. Both of my parents have been working with asylum seekers in the past and within this I also found satisfaction in these cases. I treat every case with precision and passion, but also took on extra studies to ensure that I was specialized in this field of law.

Although I have gained experienced in many fields of law, I am now specialized in criminal law, asylum law and immigration/migration law. I am a member of VAJN (Association of Asylum Lawyers & Jurists in the Netherlands), and WRV (Working Group on Legal Aid for Refugees) and I am of course meeting the quality and quantity requirements set out by the Dutch Bar Association + the Legal Aid Board.